Olive Wood Pendant Necklace with Bumble Bee Jasper stone

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♡This pendant has been hand carved from scrap  olive wood during our kitchenware making process. Bumble Bee Jasper, also a rare stone, has been added to make this unique and one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

1.5" x .5 " diameter approx.

●Cord necklace with lobster clasp:
18" length

《Olive Wood is known for its unique grain. Sustainably harvested when ancient trees are no longer productive, we give the wood eternal life through our kitchenware, housewares, and jewelry》

《Bumble Bee Jasper comes exclusively from an active vokcanic mine in Indonesia and is difficult to aquire. It is composed mainly of sulfur, gypsum, amd hematite in a mix of volcanic ash 》

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